Permanent Staffing Services


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Permanent Staffing Services

In this heavy competitive world it is very important for any business organization to have the right talent on their team, but finding the right candidate for a permanent position is really tough, from reviewing resumes to identifying quality candidates it is time consuming and practically very costly.

We Sovient solutions, provides best Permanent Staffing Services with expertise in recruiting, identifying right candidate for your permanent position openings. We help in hiring fresher’s as well as experienced persons to the client company.

HOw We Do It

Our Hiring Process

Requirment Analysis

First we will understand your business objectives and goals, then do comprehensive research about your requirements so that we can find a ideal candidate for you.

Screening Resumes

Now we will screen the resumes of the candidates and identify the candidates that are suitable for your organization.


We will conduct couple of interviews for the candidates, to check whether they have the required skill set.


If the client needs we will arrange a face to face interview with client and select the candidate based on his skill set, previous experience and work ethics.

Why Choose Us

Find Out Why We Are Our Clients Favorite

  • Committed to Quality

    We are always committed to quality. So first we will understand your business requirements and our recruiters provide you with only the professionals that best fit your hiring needs

  • Time saving

    Screening the resumes, shortlisting the candidates, taking interviews, identifying the right candidate it’s all time taking process, and we do all that for you and save your time.

  • Cost Effective

    We provide executive staffing services at very affordable prices. We are proud to say that we provide quality staffing solutions at very effective prices.

We offer customized staffing services for you based on your objectives and organizational style. You get the degree of control you want and the expertise you need to hire a candidate just making you feel like you’re working with your own HR Team.

Our team has helped many organization in minimizing the process and meeting their recruitment deadline. So always be pleased to have a conversation with our recruitment team and tells us about your current requirements.