Substation Constructions

Substation Constructions SERVICES

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Substation Constructions SERVICES

Sovient installs and upgrades/retrofits existing power stations with modern power substations customised to suit customers’ requirements.

A substation is part of the electrical transmission and distribution system that transforms current from high voltage to low voltage or vice-versa or other important functions.

We provide expert consultation right from Design and Siting of the substation to construction of the substation.

Our Services

Substation design services

Substation technical services

Substation construction services

Substation testing services

Substation administrative and maintenance services

What We Do

Permissions -Get the Regulatory permits for the installation
Design – Calculations, drawings, specifications etc. based on industry norms
Planning and Siting substation construction
Feasibility study and conceptual layouts
Site Development proposals
Material Procurement Services
Commercials – Bill of materials (BOM)
Transformer and Yard construction
Transformer retrofit services
Switchgear maintenance, replacement, and testing
Heavy hauling and rigging of components
Laying of HT Cables of various sizes and terminations
Battery bank installation, testing, and maintenance
Control panel installation and wiring
Excavation, Supplying and laying of HT and LT Cables
Substation testing and commissioning by capacity up to 110 KV
Substation and grounding resistivity testing
Converting overhead lines to underground cables with new techniques
Metering and Control

We have worked  with major vendors, engineering consultants, suppliers, and all substation equipment to provide the proven expertise, personnel and other resources for a project. Contact us for a high class substation construction with improvised cost effectiveness.